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This high-performing board has a premium wooden finish and a pointed nose, making it the best touring SUP we offer as it cuts through the water with ease.


What's Including?


1- Paddle

A lightweight and durable performance paddle that offers the efficient energy transfer you can only find with a aliminium shaft plus the added convenience of adjustability.


2-Hand pump – our dual-action hand pump inflates your paddle board to the suggested 12 PSI with ease. You’ll get there quickly with dual-action pumping that inflates on the pull and push motion of the pump.


3- Fin

It allows you to direct your board while doing SUP, it can be easily attached and removed.


4- Backpag

Fits your inflatable paddle board, travel paddle, pump, fins, leash, and fin with additional room for water and snacks. This Inflatable SUP Backpack was designed for effortless transportation.


5- Repair Kit

In a possible case, the materials required for emergency response to your board are included in the kit.


6- Leash

Safety first – This is the single most important accessory for your paddle board. Our 8’ coiled leash will keep you close to your paddle board in the event you fall off your SUP. The coiled leash doesn’t have any slack so the board doesn’t get tangled in your leash and stay close to your body.


7- Waterproof phone protector

Deilf Woody

17.400,00₺ Normal Fiyat
15.660,00₺İndirimli Fiyat


    Up to : 180 kg 

    Pressure : 15 PSI

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